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Mr. Jack Zhang is born and raised in China. Mr. Zhang received Master of Law from reputable institution in China and Juris Doctor in City University of Hong Kong. He is a Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong and attorney-at-law of PRC (non-practicing). Mr. Zhang has previous experience of working in large entities and law firm in PRC and Hong Kong law firms respectively. Mr. Zhang’s key practice areas focus on cross-border legal affairs, including commercial contracts, due diligence, cross-border commercial litigations, cross-border transfer of shares, cross-border investment and lending, cross-border corporate acquisitions, cross-border commercial loan and guarantee, cross-border shareholders’ rights protection and cross-border inheritance. Mr. Zhang is proficient in Chinese and English, and also speaks fluent Mandarin.

Qualifications and Education
♦ Master of Laws, Southwest University of Political Science and Law, China
♦ Juris Doctor, City University of Hong Kong
♦ Solicitor of the High Court of Hong Kong
♦ Attorney-at-law (non-practicing), PRC
♦ Accredited University teacher of the PRC

Key Practice Area
♦ Cross-border commercial contracts
♦ Cross-border commercial litigations
♦ Cross-border shareholder disputes
♦ Cross-border investment and lending
♦ Cross-border loan and guarantee
♦ Cross-border corporate acquisitions
♦ Cross-border due diligence
♦ Cross-border inheritance and probate matters
♦ Cross-border matrimonial matters and division of assets
♦ Company Law
♦ Sale, purchase and tenancy matters of real estates